"I am not a homemaker because I had too little ambition or education to make anything else of myself. No—I am a homemaker because God has given me the infinite honour of being a wife, and I delight in employing every ability that He has equipped me with in this glad career. I LOVE BEING HOME."

~ Lanier Ivester

Friday, October 9, 2009


Both my sister and I had easy bake ovens.  I had wanted to give mine to  Hannah but it is currently a condo for the massive spiders in my mother's basement. The spiders are so big that even my husband would not touch it. A friend of mine gave her one for her birthday and today we finally got around to using it.

Hannah amazed that she actually made a cake with a light bulb.

We were out of sprinkles so she suggested chocolate chips.

I am glad she did :)

She was eager to share.

Some mango lemonade to go with, as per her request.

I cannot believe that she is three already! She loves to sing as she works and is eager to learn how to read. Her daily enthusiasm pushes me and makes me strive to be a better teacher. When she meet s people she likes telling them that her Heavenly Father is The King of Kings   and she is a princess " fearfally end wondafally made"
  Oh how I love this little girl!

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