"I am not a homemaker because I had too little ambition or education to make anything else of myself. No—I am a homemaker because God has given me the infinite honour of being a wife, and I delight in employing every ability that He has equipped me with in this glad career. I LOVE BEING HOME."

~ Lanier Ivester

Monday, January 26, 2009


Sarcastic To-do Lists
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Some women scrub the walls,some people cook and freeze postpartum meals, and others rearrange the house. When I am nesting I usually clean the room, re-do all of the baby's laundry, pack my hospital bags and then give birth within two weeks. The number one thing that I do is make lists. I am a list person and never function quite well without them. Since I am still on bed rest I can pretty much only make lists. When it comes to giving birth to one baby and leave the other children to do so, I feel the need to make quite a large sum of lists. Here is a lists of lists that I need to make( mainly for my personal reference but read on if you please)

Things to tell DH to buy before baby comes
Things for me to order online before baby comes
Things to sew before baby comes
Things to finish knitting before baby comes
People for DH to call when baby is born
People to call when I go into labour
Boy baby names
Girl baby names
Paperwork to be completed before the end of Jan
Ikea shopping list
Grocery list for when I am coming home from hospital
What to put in the children's overnight bag x3
What to put in my hospital bag
A list of car seats for DH to choose from and buy.
List of activities for Isaiah and Hannah to do while I am in the hospital
List of the house rules( so the kids do not manipulate the nanny while I am out)
Emergency contacts for daytime
Emergency contacts for nighttime.

I am sure that I am forgetting something.

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