"I am not a homemaker because I had too little ambition or education to make anything else of myself. No—I am a homemaker because God has given me the infinite honour of being a wife, and I delight in employing every ability that He has equipped me with in this glad career. I LOVE BEING HOME."

~ Lanier Ivester

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hunny I killed the plant

Dracaena marginata
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When I was younger my mom told me that I had a green thumb and would be great with plants just like her. I really am beginning to doubt it.
One of the things that my hubby gave me for my birthday was a Dracaena marginata. The Dracaena is supposed to be an extremly low maintenance plant, all it needs is indirect light and occasional watering( the root will rot if soaking wet). You normally see these plants at the bank or the dentist office; places where no one remembers to water it and it still grows tall and strong.

When I first got it, it looked perfectly healthy but within 48 hours of my care all the leaves are falling off and the remaining leaves are going limp as I type. It is (was) so pretty, the base of the plant is curved into a heart.

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