"I am not a homemaker because I had too little ambition or education to make anything else of myself. No—I am a homemaker because God has given me the infinite honour of being a wife, and I delight in employing every ability that He has equipped me with in this glad career. I LOVE BEING HOME."

~ Lanier Ivester

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer is here!

Well at least that is what my calender is saying. The weather around here still looks and feels like spring.
We are done school for this term and Isaiah will be doing grade one in september(maybe late august, not too sure yet. It will be our first full homeschooling year.
My laptop is on its death bed and I will not be getting this new one for at least another month.

So with all that said I will be taking a vacation from my computer to spend more time being a housewife and reorganizing my home and my life. I will be back in september or august(whenever we start school).

See you in a few months and Have a great summer!




Follow In His Steps said...

We will miss your posts, Christina! But certainly understand! :)

NANCY said...

Enjoy!! =)

diana said...

Hi Christina. Have a great Summer. I'm freezing down here in Winter. Wow, homeschooling. Your a brave woman. I hope you're still checking your blog and haven't gone away for 2 months because you just won my giveway. Send me an email with your address and I'll mail it asap. My email is missdijones at hotmail.com.

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